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Veuillez noter que depuis le 21 août 2023, le ramassage à l'entrepôt n'est plus disponible.
La livraison est gratuite à l'achat 100$ et plus.

Il n'y aura pas de livraison entre le 19 et le 28 avril.

    All our boards come with these

    Accessoires (3).png

    How it's made inside?

    Polyester Drop stitch mesh is now in Woven weaving
    ✔ More rigidity
    ✔ Lighter
    ✔ More responsive

    The shell forming the top and bottom of our boards is made of a layer of fabric where high density polyester filaments are attached and fused to the PVC coating. The superb rigidity of our boards is partly due to the woven weave of the fabric where the high density polyester filaments are attached. This weaving instead of the mesh decreases the spacing between the filaments which makes our boards even more rigid, light and responsive. The double railing around the boards ensures greater impact resistance and the high quality Eva mat will give you the necessary comfort during your outings on the water. 

    La Tjupo and La Belharra have a triple layer at the nose .


    Our 2022 models


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