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The board is new but no longer has a box due to water damage in the warehouse.  You can be worried, this has no impact on the glide and the quality of the board and its accessories.




Touring SHORT type board, it is perfect for paddlers who like to play, turn, jump and pivot on their board.

She will give it to you no matter the conditions.

It is more refined and equipped with a triple reinforcement at the level of the nose.

With its pointed shape and small size, the Tjupo will cut through the water and the lapping caused by the wind or the sea swell with a liveliness that will push you to combine agility and speed.


Box contents

It is equipped with a long Eva carpet (diamond shape) to provide you with unequaled comfort during your outings;

An X-shaped elastic bungee in the front and another in the back for storage;

A ring at the end of the nose to hang an anchor;

A central handle;

A handle at the end;

A removable, high-performance FCS2 fin that is fixed in its US box using a screw and a nut;

A travel bag with wheels;

A double action manual pump;

A leash;

A paddle 3 pcs, cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ carbon fiber rod+ antitwist  with nylon blade;

A repair kit.



Dimensions: 11'6'' x 30'' x 6''

Max load: approximately 275 lbs.

Recommended PSI: between 15 and 16 PSI

Capacity: 295L

Board weight: 21lbs

Color: Yellow, turquoise, gray and beige on wood finish.


La Tjupo (avec légères imperfections)

C$615.00 Regular Price
C$490.00Sale Price
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